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ahhh maaannn

So many things have changed since last year, things I would have never guessed would ever change. Everyone has changed in some way or another, and friends have changed. Even though I miss some things a lot, I don't regret anything and I love how everything is still. I'm not saying everything is prefect, because it is far from it, but I am very content and happy with everything now. I love all my friends, past and present.

I know this is way cheesey, but thanks to every single person in my life, good or bad. You have in some way or another changed me, and I could have never gotten to where I am now without everyone. I know I don't tell people nearly as much as I should how much they mean to me.

I used to hate change, but now I don't really mind it. I'm really happy with who I am now, and who my friends are, and how everything is going. I hate no one, and I love that. I do wish some things could be different, but besides that I am completely and totally happy.

here's some past and present.
Thank you to...

ahhh I have way too many, I know, but that was after I took lots out.
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ahh melissa
you have so many friends!

you should feel lucky


its almost christmasss
That was a really nice journal entry...I love all the pictures!
wow tons of pictures...but they're great.

Well this entry was def. a tear jerker hah not really. But it was very inspirational. And lookin at some of those pictures made me laugh/cry because there are alot of things i do miss. Change comes. and well im not gonna lie,i suck at dealing with change. I do love you though and that will never change!! :)

they are all so adorable!!
Glad your happy and I think change is good too!
okay i was listening to "i could fall in love" by selena when i opened those pictures of you and ian....

wowwww i love you, miss you tons
aww, lindy. those r beautiful. and im proud to be a part of a collage of memories. all those pictures r just so outstanding and splendid. watching them, an aura of happiness just forms.
well, im glad we still talk! hahaha love u lindy.
just splendid.
ps. hahaha, i thought itd be fun to talk like that :)
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July 21 2005, 23:39:16 UTC 12 years ago

Melissa - fuck you. You are such a fucking bitch!!!! I love how you dont care at all that youre not with me any more, that shits fucked up. Its nice to know that you love who you are with out me in the picture, THANKS.

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