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woohoo girls niiight.
It was good.

This morning I woke up and went to alicia's to help her clean with tanya, which wasn't actually that bad. Then emily came over and brought us subs, yummm. Theeeeen...I went tanning with meredith, and layed around//slept the rest of the day untilll like 7 when we got a movie and just hung out us girls.
It was a good relaxing day.

Halloween, yesterday, was awesome.
me and meredith were pretty much just the best, and way better than ian and justin. waaay better. I got a ton of candy, and I dont really even like candy, hah, so Im donating it to these food basket things. Let me know if you have any candy you dont want, and you can give it to them too.
Alicia's house was fun too, and driving around random places.

Tomorrow I get to work with alyse ahhhh! It's been forever. Then I'll probably hang with Ian maybe or something, and do homework all day, yuck.

I know I've already said this buuuut,

wednesday-- AVRIL LAVIGNE
thursday--The O.C.
Then friday I work with meredith, woohoo!

This week should go by really fast I hope, since it's only three days!

I'm exhausted though, goodnight.
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