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friends only.

Comment on this entry or I'm taking you off my list.
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hah i better be added!! :)
add me?

ps. were do you get those pictures from? there cute
this awesome artist,
kurt halsey.


13 years ago

um, well we're definitely X-Best Friends.
So you almost hafta keep me.
And this weekend-- shopping. you and me.

loove you!



October 28 2004, 14:13:09 UTC 13 years ago

NO! So now I wont be able to see your Journal. So sad!
Love You
I'm pretty sure Jackie owns me now.
keep me added please!
you should keep me added just cause you cant make me mad or you wont know what we did in chem n econ every day! haha xoxoox
Melissa, when are we going to work together again?!
ah I know its been forever!
I work tonight tho 5-9?
Ill check the schedules.
melissa we hafta hang out thanksgiving if you're not goin anywhere cuz im prolly not comin home for xmassssssssss !! so ill never ever see you again ! ahhhhhhhhhhh
Im not goin anywhere, so please call me.
and we'll talk
and figure it out :)
melissa u know u have to add be cuz i live off ur livejournal.

but anywhooo

where are ur seats for the avril concert?!?!
we should've just all planned it out so that nobody commented. cause that'd be so funnny.

<3 you, miss you tons
haha Id probably cry.
Im glad youre having fun though atleast.
moving doesnt sound half bad,
but only half.


October 31 2004, 09:09:10 UTC 13 years ago

so now i can't look at ur journal anymore:(!!!!


November 1 2004, 18:11:00 UTC 13 years ago

hey i dont have a journal right now...but i still wanna read you butt. so add my old one please.
wait who is this?


November 14 2004, 17:12:08 UTC 13 years ago

ad me to the lish melissa!
add me
your added already, you dork.
hey melissa.. omg i love that picture..and ur bg pic? where did u get them?? :-p newho add me if u havent already! :)
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