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everything involes chemistry

I wish...

fill it in honestly, and even anonymously if you want.
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October 26 2004, 14:28:00 UTC 13 years ago

Well first I wish we would do something soon because it's been too long! and I promise i'll bring my camera. but as for wish...I wish that you'll always be happy and that i'll have my 18 bedroom copy of the white house! wabam!
I Love You,
I WISH.....that i was eating cold stone
right now...haha and i'm glad that we
have started hangin' out again!!!

I'm glad too,
a ton.
I wish that...
-I had a new scarf that I loved (I'm going to look friday.)
- I had enough money for a cute scarf and many other clothes
- Our Halloween costumes were already planned
- This weekend is amazing
- Alicia's is fun ((which it will be anyways.))
- My paycheck next week is for a ton
- annnnd that all my friends are happy because they all make me incredibly happy and I love them all tons.

haha thats all.

i wish i could be in *his* arms
i could taste *his* kiss
i could feel *his* touch

i wish he knew how i felt

i wish i wasnt scared

i wish i was brave enough to make my dreams come true
thats good that you answered it yourself.. . even if dorky ;)

i wish.. .
*that school wasnt such a bitch sometimes
*that we could party everyweekend and not have to work
*halloween was next weekend

thats basically it :)

I wish...

*that I was more like YOU hahaha!

*that life was perfect.. hah yeah right!

uhh I think that's all.. for now..

LoVe Ya MeLiSS!
<3 Steph

**LaCrOsSe MeeTiNg togetha tomorrow with MeReDiTh!



October 26 2004, 18:01:21 UTC 13 years ago

I wish:

--boys didnt suck boy in particular.
--choices were made easier.
--we hung out more or lived closer or something that allowed us to see eachother more often instead of just like mmmm christmas!
--junior year was less of a bitch because i hate bitches.
--ice cream was really necessary for survival.
--and that it could snow without beign cold out because i want snow but i hate winter.

yeah...fat chance! haha i love you.



October 26 2004, 18:22:33 UTC 13 years ago

I wish....
~ I could get an 'A' without studying
~ For a costume party...woooo
~ For 2 malteses named romeo and juliet

...i could fly
...i had the power to turn myself invisible
...there were late starts everyday
...i had a million dollars
...many things, but they will never happen
I wish..

*It was christmas
*everyone was happy

Love ya tons <333


October 26 2004, 20:32:34 UTC 13 years ago

there was no drama in the world...
everyone was happier...
my dad wouldn't come close to losing his job....
and melissa is typing this

-- I wish I was melissa marie lindquist
-- I wish again that I was melissa marie lindquist
-- and one more time.

I wish that along with my world, EVERYONES world revolved around hers.
AND i wish that we didnt have an essay test tomorrow in 20th century. ahh.
-- Kristen

that is all.
those are very good wishes.
probably the best on the whole page.
and maybe they will someday come true if you are lucky.

haha just kidding!
20th century test will suck.
- i didn't think things through so much
- that i could be God for a day, and run the world.
- i could sing well.
- we worked together
- that we were hanging out riiight .. now.

that's all.

love youuuu
haha ashley, i think u have a very pretty singing voice!!!


13 years ago


13 years ago

I wish....

-I could run varsity this year
-Me and my boyfriend stayed together for a long time
-I get tons of money from work.
I WISH......

The school year was half over.....oops wait, it is for me!!!!!!!!!

I was as cool as Melissa

Bush would get elected!