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some pictures kinda

This weeked has been awesome.
This week is going to suck thought because I have so many tests and stuff.

I got a ton of pictures back, but I've only scanned a couple, sooo here is one of my favorite...

us at warped tour

the wall

and that's all for now, hah.

more will come later.

I have to study though, ahhh.
it never ends.

My cousins band is playing a show in berkly on friday, anyone want to come with me please?
it's not that far...we can go right after the game maybe.
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thoes pics are soo good!
that was sooo much fun!!!
i can't wait to go again!!!!!

peace out
i really love your icon.
why thank you.
what about the picture of you and eh-hem mr. hottest boy EVER?!!!!!!!

(who told ME my shirt was cute, IN YOUR FACE!)

i wanna see that one SOOOOOOOOOOO BADD!!!!!!!!!
<333 meg