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I cant belive it.

I saw a guy at lakeside mall who looked EXACTLY like paul walker.
He was dressed like him too, faded jeans, grey t shirt, nothing fancy,
like I swear to god I thought it was him,
I almost had an orgasm/heartattack,
and I got nervous, so I didnt go talk to him.
I thought okay what are the chances he wuld be in this mall, even in this stupid state?
But I have never seen ANYONE look as much like anyone in my whole life, like it had to be him, and if it wasnt, he must have like a twin/brother/double or something.
ah so 10 minutes later, I was like DAMNIT GO DO IT COS WHAT IF IT IS HIM MELISSA.
soooo I went to look, and I coudlnt find him.
it was over,
and I almost cried.
My mom made fun of me for about 7 hours, I swear.

and I found my warped tour camera, so pictures of that too, someday, hah.
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