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im going to sleep after this...

ahh ive been so busy between school, tennis, and work and it seems like I never have time for this anymore.
Not that I have much to say anyways, but still.
School sucks, I already am pretty sick of it, and I think chemistry is gunna be way hard, yuck.
tennis is fun though, with me and ashley as captains, woohoooo!
I've won all my matches except one, which is awesome, cos I play on court one, hell yeah.

Work is crazy. We're busy every night with a line out the door, which is awesome, except on week days when theres only three of us working. ahh.

Ians homecoming is coming up, hopefully itll be fun...
and the ours, woohooo!

thats about it,

I stole this idea from TIFFANY!

((((not me...))))

and one lassssst one.....

haha okay im done.
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