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schooool has begun.

Everything has finally started,

so I've been, and probanbly am going to be, pretty busy for a while.

but school is okay, It feels like we've already been there for months, when it's only been the first week.

Tennis is still fun, I'm playing court one with stephany fishh.
I won my first match, that I played singles for, by a toooon, but then we lost the second.
Oh well, so I'm 1-1.

Work is pretty good. My firt night working I made 17$ in tips alone, woohoo.
annnd I picked up my first pay check, which was way more than I was expecting, and it was only for training.
so thats awesome.

I work Sunday 5-10 and tuesday 5-10, or something like that, So come to coldstone on those days only.

Last night I went to the clarkston///Adamas game, but It kept getting lightning delays, so my guess is it finally got cancelled, but I'm pretty sure we won.

Tonight is St. Marys first game at the silverdome @ 7, let me know if youd wanna come with me maybe.

have a fantastic day.
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