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ahhh maaannn

So many things have changed since last year, things I would have never guessed would ever change. Everyone has changed in some way or another, and friends have changed. Even though I miss some things a lot, I don't regret anything and I love how everything is still. I'm not saying everything is prefect, because it is far from it, but I am very content and happy with everything now. I love all my friends, past and present.

I know this is way cheesey, but thanks to every single person in my life, good or bad. You have in some way or another changed me, and I could have never gotten to where I am now without everyone. I know I don't tell people nearly as much as I should how much they mean to me.

I used to hate change, but now I don't really mind it. I'm really happy with who I am now, and who my friends are, and how everything is going. I hate no one, and I love that. I do wish some things could be different, but besides that I am completely and totally happy.

here's some past and present.
Thank you to...

ahhh I have way too many, I know, but that was after I took lots out.
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