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I'm on the phone.

this weekend seemed to go by way to quick.
I was stuck working friday night, eh, but it turned out to be okay, cos I worked with probably my most favorite people to work with, dan and craig.
Thennn saturday I full out clean my room, which sucked but I got rid of a ton, and I can see my floor.
I sat around for a while, wait for my boyfriend to take me out, but then he ditched me and went to the movies with justin.
But I went to mals which was awesome, way better than hanging with him anyways.

Sunday he tried to make it up to me by taking me to see napoleon dynamite at like 11 AM before I had to work again at 2:00.
It was hilarious.
Then I worked until 6:00 with dan and amanda, did homework, played euchre with Ian and my brother and mom, and now this.

so eh, a pretty boring weekend, but not bad.

I really love almost everyone I work with.

I got my warped tour and some homecoming picture bakc, but I'm to lazy to scan em now,  so tomorrow maybe.

this is just boring and pointless.

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