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ahhhh juniorrrrs!

-This week  (as much as I can remember)-
(+)  Worked sunday night and got McDonalds, with the hello kitty toaster. I love working with certain people.
(+)  We've won 2/3 tennis matches, I think.  (including the canceled one, I count that as a win)  
(+)  Hanging out with Ian during then week more than usual,
(+)  Spirit week
(+)  BG Bowl jerseys, and the hour long assembly thing about it
(+)  BG Bowl with mallory, alicia, mere and Lizzie
(+)  Maggie moos after and parallel parking
(+)  I love my friends, as corny as that sounds.  

( - ) Missing Fall out boy on sunday, but no big. December.
( - ) I still hate chemistry
( - ) Lost tennis today,   but they were too good, so it was expected.

Thats about it, I cant even think of any more ( - )'s.

I'm so excited for tomorrow. The Pep assembly will hopefully be good,   and shorter classes. The game will be awesome, as always, and even though we have no plans yet, after the game will be awesome cos we are all doing something.

Everything is just so good now.

I love how ashley is awesome and is pretty much one of my best friends now.
and I love hanging out with mallory more again.
and I love hanging out with alicia more again too, since It seems like I havent in forever.
annnd I love hanging out with meredith and lizzie besides work now, because I love them too.

I can't wait for homecoming, It's going to be awesome, I just know it.
I love our group, even if its way too big.
and dinner will be awesome, because Mallory planned everything perfect.
The dance should be pretty good hopefully.
Christines will be way fun, I cant wait.
It's totally fake, but its the best one Ive seen. Theres no way their boobs are that big, they're way too skinny. and you can kinda tell by their necks that its fake.
okay I think I'm done, and because the entry is completely nerdy and corny, I think I might delete it.
We'll just have to see.

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