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shoot me now.

homework. fucking. sucks.
especially chemistry.

Tennis is going good.
I'm in love with my team.

Ashley and fish, I love you guys.
even if you take nude pictures, stephany.

My mom bought me 17 more dresses for homecoming, so I think I am set.
out of all of them though I've narrowed it down to three for my homecoming, and I already picked my dress for ians.
I think stephany found a dress too, which is awesome.
She looks so hott in it.

I'm glad for late start again tomorrow.
I really need em.

I'll have some pictrues for sure after ians homecoming, dont worry.
I'm so exxxcited.

On a different note,
so much has changed this year already, and its been less than a month.
I don't know if it's good or bad yet, I cant decide.
maybe a little of both.
I think I need to make the bad into good though soon, or I might go crazy inside, since that's where I keep eveything I'm feeling.

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