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im going to sleep after this...

ahh ive been so busy between school, tennis, and work and it seems like I never have time for this anymore.
Not that I have much to say anyways, but still.
School sucks, I already am pretty sick of it, and I think chemistry is gunna be way hard, yuck.
tennis is fun though, with me and ashley as captains, woohoooo!
I've won all my matches except one, which is awesome, cos I play on court one, hell yeah.

Work is crazy. We're busy every night with a line out the door, which is awesome, except on week days when theres only three of us working. ahh.

Ians homecoming is coming up, hopefully itll be fun...
and the ours, woohooo!

thats about it,

I stole this idea from TIFFANY!

((((not me...))))

and one lassssst one.....

haha okay im done.
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yayy for captains!
we're the best!
jeez, what would i do without you at tennis? probly die!
i looove youu!
p.s. i hafta admit, you're darn good at making ice cream as well!


haha you are a huge a loser
but i love you
annd for work... we finally get to work
with eachother on saturday whoo hoo!
#1 court is awesome with u, haha we are such dorks when we play, its hilarious!

<333 youu
haha I know, we are.
but were just so awesome, and we play better that way anyways!
join glamouresque

We'd love to have you!
hey, i just found your comment in my lj, so im adding you.

i fucking love your background. kurt halsey is amazing.

ive been trying to post an entry but its not letting me but i was trying to write this in sex_me_pink i think it should be out so everyone in the community can see it especially you and the other mod so here it is

im not sure if this girl (MY_BLOODY_WRIST) is in our community or if she was rejected but i saw a recent post in another community (HAWT_SHITT) where she is putting us down and telling people not to apply here. Here is what she wrote:

"ATTENTION: I found a community that is pretty much bashing! sex_me_pink...DO NOT APPLY THERE!!!! They are horrible!!! I am so close to giving them a piece of my mind!"

heres the link: